2017 Games

I resigned early in this game. At 3.g6 I should have played 4.Nc3 and not 4.c3 which is what I played. 4. Nc3 cut down many more option for black on both sides of the board later on. This variation of the London system is quite exacting and one wrong move early on makes later plans unplayable.

Playing a much more controlled game tonight. I still expect to lose but feel happier with my decision making. At 15.Nf5, I should have taken with Bxf5. But I thought the trade would be a bit too much. I will play this line in analyses. Not reading the game very well. White is positioned far better than me and is winning.

Unrated Game.

This is my first game back after 3 years away from Chess. As you can imagine I lost! Mistake at move 14. I should have played Kh1 and not b4.
Unrated Game.

2013 Games

My Last game of 2013. Not sure why I stopped playing? I just did.

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